Deferred Compensation: Plans and Programs to Know

July 19, 2022by kurts
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Deferred compensation is a crucial part of any comprehensive retirement plan. This article from covers various deferred compensation options that are available to you.

Donofrio Tax & Accounting Inc. has guided many clients by finding deferred compensation plans that fit their specific business needs. We can help you reduce your tax liabilities by fully utilizing your retirement contributions. Our strategies will maximize retirement contributions for both you and your employees. Any successful business understands the value of employee satisfaction and retention. Solid retirement plans provide a significant benefit to both you and your employees. This leads to decreased turnover and a smooth continuity of the business.

Donofrio Tax & Accounting Inc has the experience you need to properly evaluate and navigate the complexities surrounding deferred compensation plans. We have helped many individuals and small to mid sized businesses over the years. We are available for consultation for you!

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